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If you are interested in curling in any of our leagues for the 2017-18 season please come to our AGM/Registration Night September 7th, 2017 at the Curling Club or contact one of our league reps.

Congrats to our following 2016-17 League Champions!

Tuesday Night Men's:
Aggregate Winners- Skip Garry Dola, third Ray Mills, second Alan Campbell, Lead Larry Specaluk and fifthErnie Kinast
League Champs- Skip Keith Duff, Third Tom Want, second Rick Schofield, lead Orest Byblow. 

Wednesday Night Women:
Aggregate Winners- Skip Michelle Polinuk, third Susan Geard, second Char Henrikson, lead Elaine Laye
League Champs- Skip Kathleen McCallum, third Lorie Fiddler, second Janet Rowney, Lead Patti Grayson, fifth Joanne Sprange
Consolation- Skip Kat Marsch, third Jodi Howarth, second Emily Vitt, lead Tara Nore, fifth Bek Fredborg

Thursday Night Men's:
Aggregate winners- Skip Laurie Goodbrandson, third Rick Mabee, second Charlie Grieve, Lead Lance Glover 
League Winners- Skip Gary Dola, third Ray Mills, second Keith Beerling, lead Larry Specaluk, fifth Ernie Kinast
Mens Club Champs: Skip Keith Duff, third Tom Want, second Rick Schofield, Lead Orest Byblow
Extra Event winners: Skip Deiter Gnitzinger, third Ryan Nickel, second Murray Melvin, Lead David Wilkinson, fifth Kerry Kingsland

Saturday Little Rocks:
Gold- Olivia Lewis, Silver Gavyn Henry, Bronze Taryn Rielly 

Saturday Juniors League
Aggregate winners- Gabriel Berikoff, Christian Kirkness and Logan C. Henry
A-Side Club Champs- Hayden Hook, Evan Lewis and Janelle Brass
B-Side Champs- Josh Evans, Carson Salmon, Carmen Clifford and Kaylyn Walker.

The Selkirk Curling Club is fully liscensed facility in Selkirk, Manitoba. We have a 6 sheet rink and many great leagues to play in. We have a great canteen and bar to visit after your game! 

For Rental of the Facility

Contact Margaret Streich if you are interested in renting the ice or the banquet facilities at
(204) 482-6646 or by email to the club address info@selkirkcurlingclub.com
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